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Frequency Multipliers

Frequency Multipliers

The Wilmanco WFM Series Frequency Multipliers provide high order frequency multiplication in a low volume, low weight package. Individual units provide from X2 to X64 multiplication while adding the absolute minimum noise to your signal. Units can be connected in series of higher order multiplication, and they are easily mounted side by side or stacked "piggyback."

There are three basic models of multiplier: WFM-S for multiplication up to X8, WFM-D for multiplication of X2 to X16, WFM-T for multiplication of X2 to X64. Multiplication ratio must be a power of 2 or multiplies of X3, X5 and a power of 2. All models are internally voltage regulated.


How To Order & Price List

Please use the above sequence when ordering a custom frequency multiplier.

WFM-S (Up to X8 Mult) $815.00
WFM-D (X2 To X16 Mult) $845.00
WFM-T (X2 To X64) $895.00

Discount of 10% on orders of 10 or more. Orders for export require 5 piece minimum. Prices do not include shipping

Electrical Specifications