Founded in 1979 by Harold Williams, Wilmanco started its journey in Los Angeles as an innovative manufacturer of quality microwave products. Today, the Williams Family continues that legacy. Wilmanco, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturer of precision RF technology with a focus on GPS antennae. The company is located in Moorpark, California and is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Why Wilmanco?

Having a wide range of the best equipment under one roof means most operations are done in-house.

The addition of ISO 9001 certification ensures the highest level of quality.

With over 40 years of experience in high tech design and manufacturing, Wilmanco is well equipped to handle any demand.

From Process Controls, Material Requirements Planning, Purchasing, Supply Chain and Counterfeit Component Mitigation, we are a true partner to our customers.  

Process Controls: 

Wilmanco’s customized communication and transparency between suppliers and customers help to optimize performance with purchasing and supply chain partners to deliver quality on time and on budget. From the early involvement of suppliers through our quoting process to the end-of-life management cycle, the proven systems we have in place helps our customers to scale. 

Materials Requirements Planning: 

Each project is unique in nature. We consider all the components necessary to deliver top quality and efficiency. Out best-in-class supply chain systems shine from the initial purchase order through the final shipment. Our team has successfully navigated supply chain for global customers providing them with visibility, flexibility, and rapid response times, allowing customers to respond to global supply chain changes caused by supply and demand conditions or economic climate.


With decades of credit history and deep supplier relationships, Wilmanco provides the best value and reliability during each step of the production process by responding quickly for purchases tied to new product launches then scaling production based on product demand, and finally manufacturers sunsetting components and part change notices. We can handle all sourcing requirements, no matter how challenging. 

Supply Chain: 

Due to Wilmanco’s longstanding relationships with supply chain partners, our customers ultimately benefit. We maintain frequent open communication with our supply network to help facilitate an efficient and accurate inventory management system, considering any changes to supply and demand. 

Counterfeit Component Mitigation Control Plan 

Wilmanco meticulously examines all parts and works with approved suppliers, maintaining best practices in component procurement, all requiring inspection, testing and evaluation, as well as implementing traceability for components. We help protect our customers by notifying them of any counterfeit electronic parts that could potentially pose significant performance, reliability, and safety risks to their business.

Let’s build something together.